Super Efficient Equipment Program (SEEP)

Super Energy Efficient Program (SEEP): Fostering a quantum jump in efficiency level

Globally, energy efficiency standards for appliances have been one of the most important ways to achieve energy savings. Indiahas also made significant progress by creating a sustained demand for energy efficient products through its Standards and Labeling program. Consumers are steadily realizing the need for affordable energy efficient products of mass consumption and the benefits associated with them. With the market for star-rated labeled products growing, there is now a move towards making appliances super efficient i.e. appliances that save as much as 30-50% energy than the most energy-efficient versions available in the market.

To accelerate the shift to energy efficient appliances in designated sectors and to encourage innovation in the manufacturing sector in India so that such appliances becomemore affordable, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is in process of launching the Super Energy Efficient Program (SEEP).This programwould offer manufacturers incentives to produce super efficient appliancesthat are 30-50% more efficient than the most efficient ones available in the market such as thefive star labeled appliances.

SEEP forms a part of Market Transformation for Energy Efficiency (MTEE) initiative, one of the four initiatives of the National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency (NMEEE). The primary objective of MTEE is to accelerate the shift to energy efficient appliances in designated sectors through innovative measures to make the products more affordable.SEEP seeks to promote domestic manufacturing of energy-efficient appliances by reducing their cost through market incentives.

Super efficient appliances carry their high first cost which coupled with uncertainty of market demand,manufacturers feel reluctant to make the initial investment to change production lines for such appliances. The program envisions that incremental cost can be compensated by incentives on one hand and cost reduction due to economy of scale on the other.

fan BEE has already identified ceiling fans under SEEP.. Consultations with major fan manufactures, R&D bodies, technology developers, and policy institutions are complete.  Currently BEE is in the process of creating specifications for ceiling fans that consumes 30-50% less energy yet delivers same level of air delivery (comfort level) in consultation all stake holders mentioned above.Finalization of specification/performance standard, incentive structure and measurement and verification (M&V) strategy are in advance stage. Manufacturers who make and sell super efficient appliances identified under SEEP with set specifications/standards will be paid an incentive. Payment of incentives will be done after verification of sales following a set M&V protocol. SEEP would be extended to LED Tube Lights and LED Bulbs as well.
Documents : Environmental Safeguards And Due Diligence Protocols (ESDDP)
  Hindi verion of Executive Summery of   ESDDP

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